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When Rambis caught a pass on the wing on a fast break, Mc Hale reached out and clobbered Rambis with a forearm to the head, a play that Lakers coach Pat Riley called, “the most insidious, vicious and malicious play I’ve ever seen in basketball.” MORE: Danny Ainge tries to recruit Mc Hale to Celtics' staff But Mc Hale had plenty of dust-ups, primarily with the Lakers (ask Bob Mc Adoo) and with the Pistons (ask Rick Mahorn and friends), and he earned an extra level of hate for having a tongue as sharp as his elbows.

During the 1985 Finals, Mc Hale said of the Lakers, “I could have played a hell of a lot better.

The ensuing season became known as the “Dwightmare,” and Howard’s time in Orlando was forever tarnished.

MORE: ESPN's Wilbon says NBA players think Dwight is a 'clown' When Howard finally was traded, he was sent to Los Angeles, where he was not completely healthy and never could mesh with star Kobe Bryant or coach Mike D’Antoni.

He was the three-time Defensive Player of the Year, a three-time rebounding champion and the runner-up for 2010-11 MVP.

In the wake of the NBA’s lockout, the first rumors popped up about Howard possibly seeking a trade to Brooklyn, and everything fell apart from there.

He was the guy who would yap at his teammates and say 'Kick them on their ass.

“He’d say, ‘Look, don't be intimidated out there.’ So if I saw a guy pushing (Bob) Cousy around I’d say, ‘Hey, Cooz, bring him down here,’ and I’d give him some of the same thing.” The enforcer’s role has all but disappeared today, but Brannum was a fearsome forerunner.

Maxwell’s career spanned 13 years and reached its pinnacle in 1994, when he logged 21 points, 10 assists and seven rebounds to help Houston beat the Knicks in Game 7 of the Finals.

But he was a whirlwind of controversies and skirmishes, starting at Florida, where his collegiate career ended in ignominy when allegations arose that Maxwell had used cocaine before games.

Howard finally left the Lakers in free agency, and by 2013, Howard’s Q Score (a measure of cultural popularity) plummeted, with only 12 percent of sports fans holding a positive view of him.

Three mediocre seasons in Houston have done nothing to resuscitate his standing.

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