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Despite the lifestyle changes, they have provided a wealth of information in anthropology and genetics.One broad study of African genetic diversity completed in 2009 found that the San were among the five populations with the highest measured levels of genetic diversity among the 121 distinct African populations sampled.

These haplogroups are specific sub-groups of haplogroups A and B, the two earliest branches on the human Y-chromosome tree.Women have a high status in San society, are greatly respected, and may be leaders of their own family groups.They make important family and group decisions and claim ownership of water holes and foraging areas.Despite some positive aspects of government development programs reported by members of the San and Bakgalagadi communities in Botswana, many have spoken of a consistent sense of exclusion from government decision-making processes, and many San and Bakgalagadi have alleged experiencing ethnic discrimination on the part of the government.Various terms—including San, Bushmen and Basarwa—have been used to refer to them collectively.

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    From the Arizona Daily Star, March 14, 1930: ANNOUNCED BY DIRECTOR V. SLIPHER__________Ninth Planet in Solar System Is Beyond Neptune; Is Forty Times as Far From Earth As the Sun__________FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., March 13.—AP—A twenty-five year search of the skies by astronomers connected with the Lowell observatory here has ended—Dr. In 1905 the search started under the direction of Dr. Nine years later he published an article predicting that some day a ninth planet would be found "somewhere beyond Neptune," and today, on the anniversary of Dr. Slipher announced it was on a line with "and far beyond Neptune," the new and nameless body in the skies had been located. Several weeks ago, in looking over a finished picture, he noticed a faint "star-light splotch." Another picture, taken the next night, of the space near Neptune, showed the same hope of a startling discovery. Lowell, many years before, through mathematical calculations, predicted existed "beyond Neptune" and the ken of man. Slipher, in announcing the discovery of the new solar body, said it was of the fifteenth magnitude, and that on March 12 its position at three hours Greenwich mean time was seven seconds of time west from Delta Gemnorum, "agreeing with Dr.

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