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Currently, he seemed to be more focus towards his career path than being in a romantic relationship.

His personal life isn’t in the limelight as his career path is.

Beasley, 28, has never averaged 20 points per game or been to an All-Star Game.

He recently told Bleacher Report that he "never got a fair shake" in the NBA.

Beasley joined the Houston Rockets in 2016 after a stint in China. He said he could "play with anybody" and he wasn't worried about sharing or taking minutes.

He was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks last season and is now with the New York Knicks. "I actually look more to pass than I do to score now, because, not to be cocky or anything but it's so easy. I actually look at the second defender more than my defender, if that makes any sense.

Multiple media outlets reported that Beasley received a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum, .12 million.

Beasley's role with the Knicks is uncertain because of the possibility of a trade that could see Carmelo Anthony leave the team.

There isn’t any solid proof which leads towards his married lifestyle and children.

He attended Kansas State, playing college basketball and leading the Wildcats to a 20-10 record, averaging 26.2 points per game.

During Evans' senior year, Michael heard that his sister's boyfriend was only receiving Division II football offers, no Division I interest. "I thought about it, and we went from there," Evans explained Saturday afternoon.

He posted 19.2 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 32.3 minutes per game.

Since their rookie seasons, Durant and James have never averaged fewer that 25 points per game.

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