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I would start the day and end it with should be there every time I will be then when my every breath has her life should happen around life will be named to her. I would cry for give all my happiness and take all her sorrows. I will be in love when I will be doing the craziest things for will be when I don't have to proove anyone that my girl is the most beautiful lady on the whole planet. send this to <#> frnds in <#> mins whn u read..Yetunde, i'm sorry but moji and i seem too busy to be able to go shopping.

I would like to say a lot.tell later.<#> %of pple marry with their lovers... i sent dis 2 u, u wil get gud news on friday by d person you like. .a beautiful necklace as a token of my heart for you.thats what i will give but ONLY to MY WIFE OF MY LIKING. NO ONE can give you call me.i will wait till i Dont hesitate. You know this is the second time she has had weakness like that. Yet, every week it's can i bend the rule this way? Yes, I wanted you to be embarassed, so maybe you'd feel for once how I feel when i have a friend who wants to drop buy and i have to say no, as happened this morning. I don't know what else to Do whatever you want. We had a talk earlier this week about what had to start happening, you showing responsibility. I'm tired of having thia same argument with you every week. You're still getting in after 1Pass dis to all ur contacts n see wat u get!

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