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At this point the old woman in the corner will awaken from her deep sleep and begin a conversation with you.

During this conversation you will have the option to intimidate the old woman and refuse her help in order to earn dark side points.

Attack the droids and take the mining laser from the wreckage.

This can be used instead of the vibroblade if you prefer long range attacks. Open the door to the next area and search another broken droid for some items.

There is a blast door in this room that should be searched.

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There is a disabled droid at the bottom of the ramp that can be repaired for components and then shut down.

Press Y to use the recommend option if you are indecisive about which power to grant yourself.

There is a stealth field generator in one of the footlockers of this room.

Patient treatment information can only be accessed with a computer spike which is not yet in your inventory.

Access the medical bay functions and unlock the door to the morgue.

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