Dating a recovering cocaine addict

So, what are these modern-day addictions I'm talking about, and how do you know if you have one? Shopaholics get a high from experiencing shopping, the transaction, and the shiny new thing in their possession.But just like an alcoholic sobers up, the shopping high wears off and out this addict goes again with credit card in hand., etc.), but we tell ourselves they aren't really addictions.We insist to our best friend that though we may obsessively check Facebook, it isn't an addiction; it's just a habit.

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Are you afraid to travel because you may not have healthy enough food options? Science says that exercise makes us healthier, but does hitting the gym interfere with time with your family or your job?Are you unable to take a weekend off, let alone go on vacation, without working? Yeah, we all have a lot to do and the requisite 24 hours to do it in.Do you miss important family functions because work is more important? I know, you're "crazy-busy." Being busy is good when it's purposeful, but too often, it leads to burnout.Can you let someone else shine in your next meeting?Always needing to trump everyone else is the wrong path to healthy connection. But do you put your fears on a pedestal and focus so diligently on how flawed you are that it interferes with your ability to succeed?

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